Floral Encyclopedia–Stock

Stock is a beautiful, long stem bloom which can be used either as a filler or as a stand alone bloom.  They have a beautiful fragrance and can be used as a substitute for hydrangea because they are a little more hearty and not as dependent on water.

Stock (Matthiola Incana)

stock posted 4-21-13

MEANING:  Lasting Beauty, Lasting Bonds and Affection


COLORS:  White, Yellow, Peach, Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender and Purple

PRICE:  Moderate

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Happy 5th Anniversary to Tiffany and Cliff

Happy Anniversary to Tiffany and Cliff McBride who were married this day, April 19, 2008.  The wedding took place at Salem Lutheran with the reception following at Northwest Forest Conference Center.  Thank you for letting LZ Floral be a part of your wedding 5 years ago today.

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Centerpieces–not your mom’s centerpiece

One of the many decisions brides have to make is how to style the tables. A spectacular centerpiece on the table is like the icing on the cake. It’s an eye catching piece of decor that stimulates conversation and sets the atmosphere for the reception. This year centerpieces have moved beyond the traditional: fruits and vegetables are not just on the buffet, nature adds down-to-earth glamour, and the glowing cast of candles shadow the arrangements.


A beautiful touch to a fall wedding–add pomegranates and mini pumpkins for a lovely difference in color and texture.

IMG_20130302_163339  001

Manzanita branches are a striking addition to give height to a centerpiece.  They are also a hard wood that can hold weight like these hanging votives.  Naturally they are a dark brown but take paint very easily so they can dress up your table with any color.


Want a dramatic pop of color for your tablescape–an orchid tree.  The dendrobium orchid is a beautiful variety of orchid which comes in many colors.  Their long stem with multiple blooms makes them a fabulous and price conscious alternative to make a breath-taking centerpiece.


Baby’s breath is making a come back however not like the 1980 baby’s breath that we remember.  There are many varieties of baby’s breath that can be used by itself and has a great wow factor–it also has a fantastic fragrance.

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Floral Encyclopedia–Garden Rose

Ahh, the garden rose. It might possibly be the most perfect wedding flower. It just oozes romance and has the softest, feminine appearance.

It comes in a wide variety of colors so you are sure to find the shade to pop into your bouquets. And as an added bonus, they smell just as sweet as they look!

GARDEN ROSE  (Rosa hybrids)

MEANING:  Love, Beautygarden rose posted 4-7-13


COLORS:  White, Light Yellow, Yellow, Peach, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Magenta, Bicolor

PRICE:  Moderate

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The bridal bouquet. What options do you have?


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The music has changed and everyone has stood and turned to see the bride enter.  The next thing you notice is her flowers.  The bridal bouquet has been a sign of fertility and hope for centuries and is now also used to display the unique style of the bride.  No longer do brides have to carry a solid white bouquet of roses or a small nosegay of daisies.  The flowers in her bouquet can be as traditional or extravagant as the bride herself.

Roses are an easy way to go but why not change it up?.  Add some texture with a multitude of blooms.  A bride can be subtle staying within the same color pallet or do contrasting colors for a wow factor.


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Another textured floral that has become more prevalent this year is succulents.  Their non-traditional look sets them apart from traditional flowers and gives an richness to the look of the bouquet while adding a different element of color.


By LZ Floral Design

Often I hear brides who want a freshly picked from the field look for their bouquet, while it is more involved than that, the overall look gives a very whimsical feel when the flowers you choose are a more natural and free formed look.  Add in burlap, wheat, twine to give an old-fashioned design that will set the mood for your entire event.


By LZ Floral Design; Photo by Kasey Lynn Photography

Your wedding flowers serve as an important part of the wedding, even for the bridesmaids. But it is the bride’s bouquet that should stand out from the rest. Whether the bride decides to have roses or daffodils, it is ultimately her bouquet and her choice. What flowers will you use in your wedding? Please browse through my website www.lzfloral.com then call or email me to set up a consultation for your wedding flowers.


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