Studded Bouquet

Want to add a little glam to your bridal bouquet?  No matter what flowers you choose, you can spice up your flowers by adding some pearls or crystals to them!  You can have the pins match your color scheme, the color of the flowers, or anything else you would like to complement!  Brides today are also adding sentimental charms to their bouquets; such as: necklaces, family jewels, or a piece of the wedding dress!  By adding both the pins and charms to the bouquet, you are making it as unique as you on your big day!


Using the pearls and crystal pins in their bouquet!


These colorful pins really make these bouquets unique!


This rosary and bridal dress hem is added to give it a personal touch!

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All pictures were taken by LZ Floral Design.

LZ Floral Design is a full service wedding and special event florist serving the Greater Houston area.

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