To rent or not to rent?

There are many fabulous ways to display your florals at your wedding; vases, stands, pedestals, vintage containers.  There is the ever popular DYI where you collect pieces (for what seems like forever), filling a room in your home (or your parents’ house) with “wedding stuff” in order to save money.  This is a good option for some brides.  It gives you the option to give a really personal touch for your wedding.  But what are you going to do with all of that stuff after the big day?  When the clock strikes midnight and you are swept away in the limo with your new groom to your fantastic honeymoon what happens to all of it?  How excited is your family to start gathering all of that stuff?  Just something to think about.  On the other hand, what if you rent your containers from your florist, linen company or an outside equipment rental company?  There are some fantastic high end pieces that you can rent that you wouldn’t want to purchase necessarily.  Does someone come pick that stuff up?  Will the venue hold it?  Does your family have to still pack all of that up and then return it the next day?  All things you need to ask so everyone knows whats going on at the end of your wedding.  Because no matter how organized everything is and how many lists you have–you are married and are no longer there–because the clock has struck midnight and you have been rushed off to begin your new life with your Prince Charming.  Congratulations!  Thank you family–see you in a week 🙂  I wrote this blog more as a question raiser not as an answer giver.  If you want the answer though–just booked me as your florist.  I’ll rent you everything you need, then come back and pick it up at the end of the reception and any flowers your family wants to take with them I will have boxes available for them.  I can also use all of that stuff you have been collecting to make awesome table scapes.  You can give me as much, or as little, guidance as you want and let me do the work.

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